Welcome to the brand new web site for Fairview Lake,  to ensure the site is kept as up to date as possible can all catch reports and photos please be emailed to info@fairviewlake.co.uk, thanks

Fairview Lake was a clay pit, dug in the 1800’s. The fish are an original English strain and are made up of around 70% commons. These wise fish provide the carp angler with a great challenge and even greater reward. Estimated fish stocks are approximately 100+ with half of the stock going over 20lb and a head of 30lb carp.

Fairview Lake offers a real chance of a 20lb or even a 30lb fish within Yorkshire.

Fairview is also known to have some very large Pike (28lb lake record) Perch (4lb 8oz lake record) Tench (10lb lake record) and Roach (3lb 8oz lake record) so there really is the chance of a specimen in most species.